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Below this short-sweet blog are previous experiences with kindness of strangers.

Recently, we were parked near JFK entrance waiting – as the plane was delayed – and the battery died – having AC on for a while must’ve been last straw!! I tried to contact our road service -to no avail – started walking (darkness quickly approaching) to exit nearby and I started chatting to lady who asked if we needed anything – I took a leap and asked for a ride to our terminal -or any terminal – and voila! done! We arrived about the same time as the passengers picking up – took Uber home-and the car was not towed overnight -whew!! All is good after new battery :)-

Travel Adventures: The Kindness of Strangers continues

I recently was on a Sicilian holiday with my husband between family visiting in London and Amsterdam. Everything was well planned and going wonderfully – we visited the beautiful coastal resort Taormina, Palermo and then ancient Greek ruins in Agrigento. The rental car was fine and our European GPS working well until…

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I’ve always gone out of my way to help others – including strangers.  So whenever other’s kindness is directed to me, I actually wonder if it’s a Karma thing – or simply good folks being nice! Probably a combination.  Anyway,  there I was in Amsterdam last week visiting with family, temporarily separated from my husband […]

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Recently, as a guest on Stevie Mack’s radio show I  briefly spoke about being grateful & “the kindness of strangers.” I started to reminisce  re a number of years ago when I was experiencing extreme emotional and physical challenges. ( read more about that http://www.balanceandpower.com/meeteileen.php).  I didn’t know about EFT then- I surely would’ve helped […]

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