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Oh! Spring..
One reason I live in the NY area is for the seasons..a taste of Spring in March and folks are extremely happy AND HAVING FUN~ the energy is amazing!! On this mild eve Steve and I saw a wonderful dance performance/City Center/Paul Taylor. Each of the three dances were fabulous~ and the last one, a debut that was written up in the Times last week was given standing ovation and many curtain calls…and then Paul Taylor, 78 years old, emerged and joined the company. Bravo!!
We discussed who goes to dance performance? I know dancers-former dancers-their families and friends- and later, I asked Steve (who enjoys this viewing as much as I do, and me a former performance dancer in college and later owner of dance/exercise studio (http://www.balanceandpower.com/meeteileen/php). I still love it-Zumba, weddings, etc., and he said, ” I never went to a Broadway play before I met you..”. I told him that I was sure he would have found it all, eventually! We agreed that spouses of the above mentioned were in the audience, for sure! Next week we will see a Brazilian music venue uptown, with friends.
Ah, New York!


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When I was growing up in Brooklyn, I dreamed of owning a covertible and driving with the top down..Maturity brought some considerations to this matter: allergies, the effort to roll it up and down, my contact lenses being upset in my eyes and more recently, the sunburn index. While in Florida this week, I was offered the keys to my brother-in-law’s convertible for a day. A glorious-one of the top ten weather days it was- so I applied thick sunblock, a hat and shades. I was a quick study to the automated top and Sirius radio. It didn”t take long for me to feel the wind and sing along with Fleetwood Mac and think about growing up in Brooklyn. All good!

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