Tapping Each Day Keeps The Binges Away!

“Tapping Each Day Keeps The Binges Away!” – a satisfied client. Additional challenges during the Holidays are often food related. EFT comes to the rescue! You can zap your food cravings with EFT! EFT dissolves blocked energy that results from an upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out … More Tapping Each Day Keeps The Binges Away!

Dessert Buffet

Imagine that you’ve decided to have a totally high fat “decadent” dessert buffet without any health constraints..what would you have?  I’ve been presented with this scenario as “prep” for a radiological gall bladder scan- given a “script” for a decadent dessert sesssion- or pizza, etc. bet 10-11PM Sunday night.  Having had some symptoms, and discovered … More Dessert Buffet


I was having a fab time at a bd party (a friend I know from 2nd grade~ her 60th~ and got the hiccups..OMG! I haven’t had that in years and her mom had all these remedies for us when we were kids sitting around the kitchen table: drink water from the oppposite side of the … More hiccups…


My nose led me to the cdounter in the mall. I was seriously ogling the offerings and opted for the tiniest one- conciously bypassing the huge ones other customers(many extremely overweight) in front of me were getting..and proceeded to order it. I was immediately informed that this sized only came in trays. I tried to … More Cinnabons