DeStress Tips III by Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO

DeStress Tips III by Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO  ~Want to discuss any of these, or need help,? Call me for a FREE PHONE CONSULT: 516 623 4353~ DeStress Tip: Honor your boundaries and say no~ DeStress Tip: Hold Hope DeStress Tip: Inner strength and being centered are keys to life and business success! DeStress Tip: … More DeStress Tips III by Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO

Change Can Be Stressful

Change can be stressful and stress can look like this:   Mind Trouble concentrating Preoccupation with the negative circumstances Recurring nightmares Phobias and health concerns     Heart Anxiety or fearfulness Depression or sadness Irritability, anger, resentfulness Despair, hopelessness, feelings of guilt Questioning spiritual beliefs   Body Fatigue Increase of medical problems Physical complaints with … More Change Can Be Stressful

Gratefulness to Overcome Overwhelm Post Sandy

 Horror stories, boats in houses, boardwalks in front yards, no power means no heat too; it’s cold in NY now.  I’m booting up in nearby town of Rockville Centre that has the business district hopping with electric.  A sense of community, repair, boredom, hopelessness and overwhelm for some.  Homelessness, shelters and evacuations are no fun. … More Gratefulness to Overcome Overwhelm Post Sandy

Create Happiness!

  Create an Attitude of Gratitude! Studies show that expressing gratitude increases positive emotion and decreases depression symptoms. It’s not possible to be grateful on a consistent basis and to feel depressed. Does this work for you?

Identifying and Harnessing Your Anger

Anger can be a powerful ally, since it is filled with energy that we can harness and use to create change in the world. It is one of the most cathartic emotions, and it can also be a very effective cleanser of the emotional system. However, when it becomes a habit, it actually loses its power to transform and becomes an obstacle to growth. Identifying the role anger plays in your life and harnessing it to restore it to its proper function can bring new energy and expansiveness to your emotional life.If you need help with this, you may contact me for a complimentary consult. I am a certified anger management specialist and have groups in Long Island and work with individuals face to face and via telephone and skype. … More Identifying and Harnessing Your Anger

Powerful Phrasing for Resilience!

 We have heard about LOA (Law of Attraction) & visualizing positive outcomes to manifest who and what we want. Most importantly, we need the action/practice component for ultimate productivity powerful positive language to become a happy habit! I’ve been revisiting this aspect of positive thinking and LOA, and am encouraging you to take this challenge … More Powerful Phrasing for Resilience!