Stop Self-Sabotage

Procrastination is often a secondary symptom of an overfull schedule. When we procrastinate it is often self-sabotage towards success. Working through your day’s objectives, you can easily accomplish most of the tasks waiting for your attention today. As you make progress, you can build up momentum that makes moving on to the next duty much … More Stop Self-Sabotage

Realistic Expectations

Sometimes we set goals/expectations for ourselves unrealistically high which may lead to frustration, anxiety and perhaps self-anger for not living up to expectations, instead of positive feelings of achievement and success. When setting goals, try staying realistic, especially about time frames and managing time/energy such as taking exercise and relaxation breaks. Perhaps you’re procrastinating -which … More Realistic Expectations

Staying Realistic, Hopeful and Patient in Uncertain Times

The title of this blog is what I’m trying to do even though I’ve recently found out we probably won’t see our daughters and grandkids until October!!! They live in London and Madrid. I’m thankful for FaceTime and Zoom!!! I know I must continue to meditate, EFTtap walk outside, do floorwork and yoga stretching … More Staying Realistic, Hopeful and Patient in Uncertain Times

Communicating Effectively at Home

These are trying times with working at home and homeschooling indefinitely in most locations. Communicating effectively can be practiced most easily when one is grounded and centered which may be accomplished by daily exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep. Also recommended is daily meditation (short is fine:), EFTtapping, positive visualizations, smiling, laughing and being grateful … More Communicating Effectively at Home

Reduce Stress and Transform Procrastination!

Procrastination is an emotional regulation issue, recent research has shown. I have helped clients “turn it around” with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)without guilt or residue worry, MAKE GREAT CHOICES AND TAKE ACTION!#TAKEACTION You may find out about this on my website: and call me for a complimentary consult: 516 623 4353. I hope … More Reduce Stress and Transform Procrastination!

Be a Completionist!

We all procrastinate – at times. No need to be a perfectionist, either. Sometimes procrastination is caused by perfectionism – if it’s doable and makes sense – “just do it”! Incomplete tasks consume the energy of your attention and gnaw at your conscience, taking some personal power every time you delay. No need to be … More Be a Completionist!

Ten Tips to Increase Happiness and Empower

These tips are  tried and true! : 1.  Listen to and follow your intuition. During these trying and difficult times it’s been shown that it’s often necessary to reprioritize to get best outcomes.   Your intuition is most often correct when it comes to your life, work and relationships.  So even if it’s an inkling feeling … More Ten Tips to Increase Happiness and Empower