Gratefulness Counteracts Sadness!!

It’s impossible to feel stressed or angry in the same moment that you feel grateful! Studies show that consistently grateful people are happier and more satisfied with their lives; they even feel more physically healthy and spend more time exercising. Gratitude fosters forbearance- it’s harder to feel disappointed with someone when you are feeling grateful … More Gratefulness Counteracts Sadness!!

Create an Attitude of Gratitude and Be Happier!

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”  – Brian Tracy Gratitude has been getting a lot of press in self-help/development curriculums because it is essential to acknowledge personal gratefuluness in several categories … More Create an Attitude of Gratitude and Be Happier!

Celebrate possibilities and let go of bitterness…

It is natural to feel resentment or anger when life does not unfold as expected. Perhaps expectations are not met, or relationships fail and we grieve for the loss.  Most of the time, we work through these feelings and they pass. Anger and resentment must fade or will be transformed into bitterness. Bitter feelings allow us … More Celebrate possibilities and let go of bitterness…

Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity: Online Course

Enroll with this link: This is a 6 week on-line course available from Eileen Lichtenstein. We will email you when your new lesson is available and you will be able to login and read each lesson on-line or print as they become available and click to listen to the guided audio meditations. Your first … More Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity: Online Course

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness has been said to be an antidote to anger  in your life because every time you remember the injustice, and you will remember it since forgiving is NOT forgetting, you choose to release the perpetrator from the debt that she/he owes you.  You may read about the Biehl’s amazing journey here: And…The Mayo … More The Power of Forgiveness


We’re so often engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that it’s easy to forget our inner value and the happiness that can be felt just being al;ive! Here are links to a few blogs I’ve written on the subject of happiness ~ enjoy! Happiness and Gratitude: Research, Thoughts and Inspirational Quotes   … More Happiness!


You may know that I was Director of Development NAMI Queens Nassau ten years ago and also ran a group there.  Some of my clients now are mentally ill and also see mental healthcare professionals. I am always trying to spread awareness and fight stigma against mental illness.  The piece below is the best I’ve seen written on … More ROBIN WILLIAMS’ SUICIDE – HERE’S THE REAL MESSAGE

Have you seen Eileen’s Blogs at WOBC Magazine?

Click on the link below to take you to these articles: 06/26/2014 Tips for Smooth Travels and Fun 05/26/2014 What Is The One Most Important Thing to Create Your BEST Life? 05/06/2014 10 Tips to Stop Self-Sabotage 04/26/2014 Blame & Anger Never Work 04/01/2014 Bouncing Back 03/03/2014 Positive Attitude: A Necessary Leadership and Success … More Have you seen Eileen’s Blogs at WOBC Magazine?

Tap (EFT)for Moms

If you are a mom and are struggling with negative emotions such as anger, guilt, tiredness or need help with motivation or dealing with the in-laws, this modality is for you! Even the best moms struggle with these issues. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, this book is an ongoing tool to relieve negative … More Tap (EFT)for Moms