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Viewing a dance performance can transport you because it is

  • multisensual; often music is involved and sometimes props-
  • erotic
  • therapeutic in that it is out of your head- into feelings and creative spaces-

I was in audience Tilles Center (CW Post) Long Island  for Jose Limon Dance Company performance this past weekend- and I was transported!

Once in a while I found myself blogging (this) in my head and forced stop- to be able to be fully present and “out of my head” with the dance viewing experience.

I’ve always found dance to be therapeutic in the doing and the viewing…

Free Danc...

I owned a dance and exercise studio and created an audio program Moving Meditation® Fitness: A Fitness and Relaxation Program  knowing that anyone can become more focused, relaxed and happier with the inclusion of dance-movement combined with visualization and guided breath work in their fitness and stress release routines.

All you need to do is simply allow  dance and movement  to transport you!


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Do you have enough fun and play?

I’m not talking about video games- or sex.  When you play tennis, golf, scrabble, bike, walk, ball, surf are you having fun?  Are you smiling and laughing along with laser focus or perhaps no thoughts at all?

Give yourself permission to have fun.  It’s healthy, and well, yeah, fun!

Access your inner child and see what happens!   Being happier is always an asset.

Do you know what frees you?  It’s dancing for me.  I’ve come to peace with physical modifications for myself in dancing and exercising.   Additionally, I’ve placed the concept of “dancing” into an intellectual-emotional realm of possibility: creativity for the soul. I encourage you to take time to pursue your fun passion and create new possibilities.

There is no such thing as having “life balance”  or “work-life balance” all the time.

There are, however, individual tolerations if the balance is tipped too far.

Be smart- stay in balance most of the time!  This will keep you healthy and less stressed.

If you are experiencing stress, frustration or insecurity due to challenges you are currently facing, contact me for a complimentary consult/strategy session: 516 623 4353               www.balanceandpower.com 

Stress Tips, Lifestyle Meditation, & Yoga Relaxation By Our Wellness Consultant

Here are some quick and easy suggestions to reduce stress right now:

  • Pay attention to your body, feelings, thoughts and intuitive self
  • Acknowledge personal stress cues and symptoms
  • Recognize your tolerance
  • Pause! Breathe! Detach! Relax! Take a mini-vacation!  
  • Change your internal environment
  • Connect with Nature
  • Physically release and focus: dance, walk, yoga, work-out, etc.  
  • Conduct internal “traffic control” several times a day
  • Meditate and center yourself
  • Embrace your personal power and spiritual connection

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Stop waiting for the storm in your life to end and learn to dance in the rain!!
Click here for some joy > YouTube – “I’m Singing in the rain”, Gene Kelly

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To all the wonderful people on the journey with me,
A psychic healer via telephone told me, “never stop dancing”. I’d not spoken with her before, she didn’t know that about 20 years ago I shut down along with my dance/exercise studio when my foot was run over by a van. Yes, I was jaywalking and the van was making an illegal move. Yes, I was stopped in my tracks, right foot forward. Yes, I was grateful that’s all that happened. Yes I suffered PTSD. So I agreed with the psychic and asked her to tell me her reason. “Because it frees you”, she said. Recently contemplating this conversation that I had about a year ago, at the time undergoing numerous physical ailments due to age and over-use, I’ve come to peace with physical modifications for myself in dancing and exercising. Additionally, I’ve placed the concept of “dancing” into an intellectual-emotional realm of possibility: creativity for the soul. Do you know what frees you? We can know something (or someone) for a lifetime(s), and be taking it/him/her for granted. Being thankful and grateful never goes out of style. In this time of economic, environmental, health and world peace challenges, it’s more important than ever to take time each day to be grateful, to pursue personal passion(s) and create new possibilities. Allow yourself to access the positive energies within you and be resilient!

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If you haven’t yet guessed, this is about the flame and the stone in my living room. I haven’t focused on a flame in a long time~ much of my meditative time is with eyes closed and focusing on my breath. This eve I was enthralled with a flame of a candle down low with a way-high flame~ it was so high and then peaked almost undiscernibly to what I imagined was infinity…. and in an instant began to tremor into a psychodelic strobe light dance that I am happy that I don’t need to medically avoid..and then in an instant diminished to a “normal” flame. A flame is effected by air currents, and I wonder, anything else??
An amethyst stone that’s been floating around my house for years, somehow got itself attached to the dripping wax in the dish. I had moved the dish-candle-stone to our dining table (with fabulous cous-cous-cinnamon scented melange by in house chef, Steve). I lovingly detached the stone from the wax, and rolled it around in my fingers. That brought back memories of Sue’s workshop where she gave them out to do exactly that, and my later “stone” experiences.

Share your personal flame and stone meditations~

Namaste, Eileen

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Oh! Spring..
One reason I live in the NY area is for the seasons..a taste of Spring in March and folks are extremely happy AND HAVING FUN~ the energy is amazing!! On this mild eve Steve and I saw a wonderful dance performance/City Center/Paul Taylor. Each of the three dances were fabulous~ and the last one, a debut that was written up in the Times last week was given standing ovation and many curtain calls…and then Paul Taylor, 78 years old, emerged and joined the company. Bravo!!
We discussed who goes to dance performance? I know dancers-former dancers-their families and friends- and later, I asked Steve (who enjoys this viewing as much as I do, and me a former performance dancer in college and later owner of dance/exercise studio (http://www.balanceandpower.com/meeteileen/php). I still love it-Zumba, weddings, etc., and he said, ” I never went to a Broadway play before I met you..”. I told him that I was sure he would have found it all, eventually! We agreed that spouses of the above mentioned were in the audience, for sure! Next week we will see a Brazilian music venue uptown, with friends.
Ah, New York!

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