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I’m excited to present 


and Long Island Fall Events                          

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Getting Ready and Being Grateful!

Why Finding Balance in Your Life is a MUST!

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Your clients want to know you’ve been through struggles and come out the other end . They want to know what lights you up and what makes you cry.

Everyone’s got a story, right?

Revealing this makes you more human and more trustworthy- people buy from those they trust. Given the choice between two individuals of equivalent technical or business skill, people will hire someone they feel they KNOW better.

Sometimes it takes only one introduction, such as hearing you on a teleseminar or meeting you at a networking event, before folks know you’re the one they want to work with.

The personal relationship that you develop  — sometimes over years — that leads to new business. That’s what your blogs, newsletters and presentations are for!

Getting personal is literally sharing parts of your personal, non-professional life with your readers and seminar attendees. Sometimes your personal note is related to a business message, and sometimes it’s just not.

For example,  when I wrote about my experience of  my empty nest getting emptier- when my daughters each moved to Europe-  there was no business message. It was completely personal.  I share this story and many of my clients stories in my 2nd edition of my book,  SOAR! with Resilience™   and my presentations, too. Everyone’s got a story, right?

Writing about your personal life can feel scary at first. It did to me, too. But try it, and I can practically guarantee, over time, greater success in your business.

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