Keeping it Simple!

Less stress for the Holidays has a “mantra”: “keep it simple”. Especially with recent research showing women under 50 are most affected by holiday-related anxiety, with the two leading causes being family or financial related. Try lowering you stress levels with these simple strategies: Exercise Remove yourself temporarily from what is causing anxiety Take a … More Keeping it Simple!

Do you want LESS STRESS for the HOLIDAYS?

Less Stress for the Holidays, Managing Time Focusing to Attain Your Goals have been well received topics in my workshop venues. I’ve come to the personal-professional conclusion that what all participants relate to for an easier season is keeping things simple. I’m an advocate of this philosophy year round- and I think we all go through phases and … More Do you want LESS STRESS for the HOLIDAYS?

April Balance & Power Newsletter: Eliminate Procrastination!

Procrastination is driven by a series of negative beliefs and feelings. Procrastination is a behavioral tendency that results when beliefs and feelings such as the following take over: The fear of failure. The fear of success. The fear of rejection. The belief that one is inadequate. The belief that one is not good enough. The … More April Balance & Power Newsletter: Eliminate Procrastination!

An Amazing Event: Access 25 Free EFT Presentations…

The 11th Annual, 2019 Tapping World Summit Everyone is talking about the EFT Tapping World Summit and with good reason… This event teaches the phenomenal technique known as “EFT” or “Tapping” and it’s 100% free to attend online. There are already 616,028 people registered for the event which starts on February 25th. If you haven’t checked it out … More An Amazing Event: Access 25 Free EFT Presentations…

The Resilience Factor

Resilience defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary © 1982: 1. “springing back into shape, position, etc. after being stretched, bent or compressed.” 2. “recovering strength, spirits, etc. quickly.” Being resilient in body, mind and spirit is key to being happy and successful in all areas of life. Emotionally, it’s the opposite of being “stuck in … More The Resilience Factor

The Spirit of Compromise/Flexibility

Compromise can be within yourself – adapting to circumstance, perhaps lowering expectations and being more flexible- within yourself-  which will positively affect your mood and subsequently better your attitude and communications with others.  It’s truly a flow effect and good funnel!  Realizing things may not go according to plan or time is different is the … More The Spirit of Compromise/Flexibility