Be Passionate About Your Message

 Be passionate about your message and you will be inspiring and motivating.  The world’s most electrifying presenters are truly passionate about their message.  Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, uses the word “passion” in most of his presentations. 

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a collective passion around a common purpose, there is no telling what you can
accomplish.” – Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO
He loves coffee, but he’s passionate about creating a workplace that treats people with dignity and respect—that’s the message he
repeats consistently in presentations, Webinars, staff meetings and television interviews. The lesson—dig deep to identify your true passion and you will soon realize that it is not your product that excites you, but how that product improves the lives of your customers.
As a Peak Performance Success & Career Coach I have empowered many  individuals to “dig deep”, find personal passions and go forward with new career and entrepreneurial plans.   Do you need to brainstorm about this and be accountable to someone for taking action?  Are you ready to experience a career shift and don’t know what that is?    You may contact me for a complimentary telephone or skype consult and see how we can work together to empower you to SOAR! to new heights of success and happiness!
FREE PHONE CONSULT: 516 623 4353 


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