Intuitive Perseverance

Perhaps you’re at personal and/or professional crossroads and holidays coming!! Busier than ever and not sure which way to go…it may be counter-intuitive to taking action and embracing change, however meditating, pausing briefly while deep breathing throughout the day and at bedtime will encourage true feelings and thoughts to break barriers. Also, being in nature, even for a short time, weather permitting and exercise encourages intuitive perseverance. Posting (not social media:) posters on wall and shelf space can bring forth positive energy as well as journaling.

I’ve resigned memberships and occasionally go to public places with mask on as my immunity is low due to AML leukemia. Fortunately my husband is supportive and helpful, and my overseas families FaceTime and visit when possible.

There are many “followers” of this blog. I thank you for reading and am holding hope for all of us!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Be well & happy,

Eileen Lichtenstein(516) 623-4353  C: (516) 547-5485 Facebook • Linkedin • Twitter • Blog

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