Winding Down and Gearing Up

Here in US it’s time for vacations and “winding down” to better “gear up” for schools, work and if celebrated, Jewish Holidays. We all know this and yet often need to “remind” ourselves to take time away or staycation. Reaffirming long and short term goals every morning while meditating, EFTtapping, havening, exercising is indicated. Also, paying attention to dreams and middle of night thoughts can be helpful.

I do this every morning and have been creative in adapting locations – inside or on my deck. Being in nature is optimal and not always possible; finding a quiet space is not always possible and often takes some effective communication and understanding with others in your home.

Currently all the medical, political and climactic disasters around the world are disturbing. Research has shown personal and group energy to the relief of these is helpful;, along with active donations of time and funds to reputable groups.

Enough said! Enjoy and stay well & happy,

Keep SOARing!

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