Excited with Expectations!

The Zen Mind says “no expectations” and if you’re often disappointed then to lower them…

When you know you usually do not have expectations and that something positively grand is about to happen…well, give yourself permission to be happily excited and to look forward in a positive way! For instance, expecting company or going to a gathering that you know the odds are fabulous of great times.

Hopefully, dear readers, you each have something to look forward to in the present tense or near future. If you live in a disaster area, natural or political, or are experiencing health issues for yourself and/or a love one, keep hope alive with morning mindfulness meditation and EFT tapping.

I wish you well and strength, wherever you may be. I am currently on a “leave of absence”, feeling great with my chemo treatments and meds for AML leukemia, seeking virtual volunteer work coaching for an organization.

I appreciate comments on this blog; thanks!!!

Keep SOARing!

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