Patience, Perseverance, Persistence!

The 3 p’s are necessary these days, more than ever.

Here in the Northeast US many of us are being “mindful” of those with weaker immune systems and are wearing masks. I’m grateful when I see someone with a mask if I’m about to partake in a conversation in a non-mask required area, since my immune system is compromised as I have AML (a type of leukemia). Readers in locations currently in “disaster” mode can call on the 3 p’s and appropriate action to come through OK.

Currently, I am seeking virtual volunteer coaching work for patients and families as I’m on a “leave of absence” from my former work focus.

You may find out more about my Balance&Power experience and products, including ebooks, MP3 audio and free pdf’s.

Every morning and some days throughout the day, too, I call on EFTtapping and mindfulness meditation to help keep me “on track”.

I wish each of you the best, to be well and happy!

Keep SOARing!

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