The ‘Leadership Re-imagined Podcast’ by LOVAS Consulting

The ‘Leadership Re-imagined Podcast’ by LOVAS Consulting
Episode 15: Resiliency – with Eileen Lichtenstein, Author of SOAR! with Resilience: The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success”

Join Eileen Lichtenstein and Dr. Jane Lovas as they discuss Resiliency and why it is called for today and how individuals need to and can build and reinforce their natural resilience. Eileen shares 5 actions you can take to build resiliency.


Listen here now:

About Jane Lovas, Ph.D.
She has a vision to create  a world where organizations thrive and flourish, and everyone has work that they love. Where leaders have a clear vision, and lead powerfully enrolling others in their vision. They acknowledge and value the contribution of all their employees and stakeholders.

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