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Latest Success Stories:
Heidi Klewicki, East Meadow NY
Assistant Director at a Not For Profit
Married. Mom of two.

I needed help with the communication in our home. I was told I appeared unhappy, miserable or angry. While I didn’t see myself as such I agreed I could be happier. I felt betrayed by my family and decided to seek help.

I was referred to Eileen Lichtenstein by someone that knew one of Eileen’s specialties is Anger Management. I attended six sessions between November and December. Each session included a combination of conversation, workbook exercises, tapping and guided meditation. Most of our time focused on what I could change.

Ultimately, I made a commitment to myself to remain in control of my words and actions, especially in a crisis. My family has expressed their gratitude in my seeking help and following up on strategies to help me.

I use exercise, meditation, yoga and tapping now to retrain my thoughts. My progress afforded me an enjoyable holiday season and birthday. The stress in our home continues but I can remain calm and focused on solutions.

Eileen is approachable, easy to speak with and well informed. She gave me the tools and reassurance I needed to succeed. I recommend Eileen for Anger Management, Career Development and being the most productive and content you can be.
– Sent with gratitude, Heidi Klewicki

I left the sessions feeling confident, encouraged, and uplifted.

D. Taylor CNA | January 23,2019

Hello Eileen, I know it’s been a while since our session but, I just wanted to tell you Thank you again for helping me with your many gifts and talents. I came to you broken and overwhelmed. Feeling frustrated, I searched the internet seeking a place to sign up for anger management classes, which was a requirement that I needed. There was your website; http://www.balanceandpower.com. To my surprise you made yourself available to me. You are a very warm spirited person. The first session you explained everything in depth. We discussed in depth some things, and after handing me the book we started my session. What I have obtained from you I will cherish and pass on to my children and family.

The classes/sessions helped me to not only acknowledge and take responsibility for my actions that caused me to have to see you. It allowed me to face it, change how I deal with situations, and the people that I interact with in a much better way. You gave me the tools, and you also showed me different techniques. The meditation CDs are very helpful with relaxing, and the tapping techniques, that I use when needed.

I came to you overwhelmed, frustrated, and uncertain. You prepared me for my upcoming appointment with the Judge. I left the sessions feeling confident, encouraged, and uplifted.

Thanks to you Eileen, I have a different outlook on life. I also have the tools that you have instilled in me. I will continue to use them. No one understands why I smile and stay calm when things around me are hectic. When things calm down I tell them about you and your program. I’m indebted to you. Stay Blessed.
– Thankfully, D. Taylor CNA

“A lady who knows her stuff and really cares about your balance in work and life. Eileen’s skills have been developed over time and working with mostly executives, she knows how to destress them and live in an equilibrium.”
– Sara Troy from Self Discovery Media Network

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Eileen Lichtenstein
Listen Here: https://selfdiscoveryradiotv.com

You are an inspiring and encouraging individual coach and we all learned quite a bit from you at the meeting.

“I am writing to you today to say a huge thank you for all that you gave to our members at our recent Meeting. The time, effort, and intensive style techniques demonstrating the effects of stress and how to change the moment for yourself were quite amazing. With a large group of people it is sometimes difficult to get people to respond and pay attention. You had the attention of everyone and you are such a class act. It really and truly was a wonderful gift to all of us. I was amazed at the power of respect and trust everyone had as you asked them during the demonstration to do exactly what you portrayed and they did. You are an inspiring and encouraging individual coach and we all learned quite a bit from you at the meeting.”
– Valentina Janek, President, Founder Long Island Breakfast Club www.longislandbreakfastclub.org | Chief Business Development Manager QS2 Consulting & Training www.savealifewithqs2.com

“You are the teacher for the universe to fulfill your divine purpose.”
– K.S., mentor and educator for visually and hearing impaired

“Thank you for helping me through the tough times I was having and to help me forgive those that discriminated me for no reason.”
– Client

“Thank you so very much for your teachings and your help. It’s really appreciated. I’m so thankful to you and your practice. Thank you for your gifts. I’m forever indebted to you. You’re the best!”
– Dahlia Taylor, CNA

I’m a different person than the one who first walked through her doors…

“Trying to solve my own problems I didnt know where to begin. At times I’d feel like I was in an endless loop it was stressful. My own doubts and anxieties were holding me back from escaping that monotony I had fallen in into.

Meeting with Eileen helped me understand and overcome obstacles that rose from my anxieties. I can confidently say by trusting in Eileen and her techniques I’m a different person than the one who first walked through her doors.”
– R.S Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Eileen explains clearly how we can all live a more peaceful
life in control of our feelings…

“Eileen Lichtenstein is marvelous. She had 150 college students relaxed and calm in minutes even during mid-term exam week !

Eileen Lichtenstein is a master at teaching one how to get rid of the tension and anger of everyday stress! Eileen explains clearly how we can all live a more peaceful life in control of our feelings.”
– Anthony L. DeLuca, Ph.D., Director, Honors College
President-Elect of the Northeast Regional Honors Council
Faculty Athletic Representative at SUNY Old Westbury

Thank you for your excellent presentation…

eft events long island

“On behalf of Nassau CHADD, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation regarding EFT Tapping benefits for persons with ADHD. As was evident from the discussion in the group, you raised important issues. The members who attended were very glad to gain an understanding of (EFT) Tapping and its benefits. You provided them with excellent and relevant information.
Thank you for your time and your expertise.”
– Sincerely, Christine Percoco
Corresponding Secretary, Nassau CHADD

“Thank you so much for coming the other evening . And for instantly freeing me from those immediate anxieties . And I will finish going through this, no cost, huge help, you freely gave us ALL! I hope I can come to you for your life coaching work soon.”
– John C., CHADD Presentation

Eileen’s Online Seminars…

“If you are struggling with a behavior, habit or challenge and want to change, clear your calendar and go see my friend, Eileen Lichtenstein. She’s terrific. She can help!”
– David Feldman, http://www.eface.com
From Eileen’s 7 Strategies for Less Stress & Greater Productivity- Online Seminar

We all loved your wonderful presentation…

“We all loved your wonderful presentation “Bullying Awareness” at Bayside Breakfast meeting this morning. Your guide speech style was truly perfect, brilliant, sincere and very interesting to Bayside Chapter members and guests. Thank you!” – Best wishes, Bayside Chapter Pres. Celestina Akbar, MPA

“Your presentation was very impressive, the information you shared with us is valuable and very interesting. Keep doing what you love!” – Best, Gloria Mueller

You have made a difference…

“Thank you for the information ‘Balance & Power, Inc. Newsletter‘ with the information to be stress free. I especially appreciate the picture of the EFT Tapping Points which I learned how to utilize doing the session I had with you. That session truly made a difference which added insight as to where I am in my life. I learned what I was thinking and feeling was just right for the changes I have been making. As a result I continue to allow myself to expand my horizons. YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE, AGAIN THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.

May you have much success with the Balance & Power, Inc. Newsletter and your book “Gain Clarity & Confidence with EFT“. See you at a NAPW Event.” – Sincerely, Yvonne Redwood

We look forward to your next workshop!

“Many thanks for your terrific workshop today on Stress and Time Management Strategies for Optimal Happiness and Productivity. It could not have come at a better time as we are gearing up for a new academic year. The group loved the handouts and will be able to use the diary and log in the future. They also enjoyed the meditation segment. Hopefully they will continue to use the tools you provided today to build a regular practice in their lives, leading to better stress and time management and increased overall satisfaction. Of course several wished you could speak longer, but overall, you covered a lot of great material in the short time you had. Thank you again and we look forward to your next workshop!

Attached please find the evaluations from today’s workshop. I will put the check request in and let you know when I have it ready to mail to you. Please feel free to use any/all of the above for your website.” – Thank you again! Warmest regards, Elizabeth

“I keep my anger in-check now, thanks to you and your program”.
– NS, Nassau County

“Eileen, I just want to thank you for all your help, positive thoughts and your professionalism.”
– Anger Management Client, Long Island, NY

www.balanceandpower.com all online sessions

516 623 4353 complimentary consult

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