Moving Forward & Detours

When there is a “detour”, the goodness of it may be revealed at a much later time…patience and hope/faith needed. We are all in uncertain times and may or may not have the motivation to move forward or the patience needed to cope with the waiting and detours. Here are a few helpful strategies that help me and my clients to stay upbeat most of the time and make good choices, especially when done in the morning and repeated later in the day:
~ Focus on the breath while meditating, outside if possible.
~ Have a “tapping session”beach-blog-banner for yourself
~ Review good outcomes.
~ Cardio exercise, outside if possible.
~ Stretch

I am available for Sessions by
Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom
$125 per hour with sliding scale available
Reduce/Reverse Stress-Anger-Frustration-Fear
Reach Your Goals
Create New Goals and a Plan

Be well, Eileen
mobile: 516.547.5485
Contact Eileen Now:

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