Reclaim Your Power and Happiness with Radical Boundaries & Radical Resilience!

An important tool to reclaim personal happiness, confidence, and well-being is boundary setting. When healthy boundaries are clearly defined through deep introspection and intuitive feeling-thinking, you can communicate them effectively with others… as they are essential to all relationships. Perhaps they haven’t been set yet due to fear, insecurities and low confidence. This can all be remedied with radical resilience! You can and will reclaim your power and start living a more balanced life when these essential life tools are set into action! Find strategies and techniques to help with this in my publication

“SOAR! with Resilience®
The Interactive Book for
SOAR! with ResilienceOvercoming Obstacles & Achieving Success”

By EileenLichtenstein

Available as eBook or Hard Copy

You may CONTACT ME for a 20 minute consult!

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