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Communicating effectively can be practiced most easily when one is grounded and centered which may be accomplished by daily exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep. Also recommended is daily meditation (short is fine:), EFTtapping, positive visualizations, smiling, laughing and being grateful – it’s impossible to feel sad in the same moment as grateful.

Sometimes, however, we get caught “unawares”, are “triggered” as someone “presses our buttons” and may feel unjustly “blamed”, spoken aggressively to. It’s important to “know” your physical warning signs: perhaps tightening around the chest, stomach, feeling like punching or throwing something…and before any of that may happen – WALK AWAY – perhaps saying “I’m going to calm down for a while now – and shut the door somewhere in the house or if possible go outside and walk slowly while deep breathing.
What Can Help
It can be helpful to keep in mind the 2nd agreement from “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz: “Don’t take anything personally”. Sometimes the other person is acting out of personal frustration – and taking it out on another.

Be Assertive v. Aggressive or Passive. When you want something, instead of possibly ordering or keeping it hidden, ask starting with “I need”. This can be very helpful!
 Be an active listener – while being patient (waiting with a positive attitude) and when what is said by the other has offended you, if you feel is an untruth and/or feel bullied, do not react. If possible, respond calmly without blaming, or walk away. Easier said than done; especially for highly sensitive people (often an extremely positive quality).
 The Assertiveness Triangle
If you need help with effective communication and managing emotions,
call me for a free consult: 516.623.4353“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Complimentary Consult: 516.623.4353
Additional Reading:
When we talk to a person, we get only 30% of all information through their words; everything else can be revealed in movements, tone of voice and other non-verbal means of communication. So if you want to know what your friends really feel at any time, it is better to look at their faces – try to be more attentive and you will learn a lot of new things about them. (Read more here: Face Reading/Body Talk from The Balance & Power Blog)
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Dear Balance & Power clients and friends,

We have an opportunity of time now, to reset our lives and be more present and grateful as we settle into the current new normal of social distancing, being at home with our families and possibly working from home and/or home schooling.I am available for Sessions by
Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom
 $125 per hour
Reach Your Goals
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Be well, Eileen

516.623.4353    mobile: 516.547.5485
Eileen is approachable, easy to speak with and well informed.

“I needed help with the communication in our home. I was told I appeared unhappy, miserable or angry. While I didn’t see myself as such I agreed I could be happier. I felt betrayed by my family and decided to seek help.

I was referred to Eileen Lichtenstein by someone that knew one of Eileen’s specialties is Anger Management. I attended six sessions between November and December. Each session included a combination of conversation, workbook exercises, tapping and guided meditation. Most of our time focused on what I could change.

Ultimately, I made a commitment to myself to remain in control of my words and actions, especially in a crisis. My family has expressed their gratitude in my seeking help and following up on strategies to help me.

I use exercise, meditation, yoga and tapping now to retrain my thoughts. My progress afforded me an enjoyable holiday season and birthday. The stress in our home continues but I can remain calm and focused on solutions.

Eileen is approachable, easy to speak with and well informed. She gave me the tools and reassurance I needed to succeed. I recommend Eileen for Anger Management, Career Development and being the most productive and content you can be!”

– Sent with gratitude, Heidi Klewicki,
East Meadow NY
Assistant Director at a Not For Profit
Married. Mom of two.

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An In-Depth Training Session:
As an Educator, Certified level 2 EFT practitioner, a Certified Anger Management Specialist and Life and Career Coach I use research-backed techniques and strategies that have strong success and emotional balance statistics for wellness, focus and productivity . I use these techniques in my Personal Life and Career Coaching Sessions as well as Anger and Stress Management Sessions and Seminars with overwhelming success!

Release Stress and Be Calm & Productive!Breathwork (including relaxation, energetic, and more!)Short meditationPositive visualizationsGratefulnessActive listening for effective communicationEFT: More about EFTRelease Fear, Frustration!Increase Calm, Confidence, Hope!
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 Mompreneurs mom·preneursPronunciation /mämprəˈnər/ /mɑmprəˈnər/nounA woman who sets up and runs her own business from home while choosing to care for her young child or children.
‘The rise of the Mompreneurs (Mumpreneurs, UK) comes as more highly educated women are choosing to stay at home with young children. Another factor is the rising cost of childcare and higher awareness of importance of personal balance/wellness.’
Despite the love and life it brings, at times motherhood can make us feel empty and unfulfilled when you start the business of your dreams and become your strongest and fittest, you can find yourself and sometimes be able to detach from the wild world of motherhood to flourish in other ways including being a Successful Mompreneur.

Here are a few important strategies for doing this that we incorporate into the coaching process:

~The Importance of Not Doing It All
How to prioritize your business while being a great mom at the same time? Trying to learn and build a business while raising kids is not an easy task — and may seem impossible at times. Really important to schedule time to work, and ask for help… accept that you can’t do it all! Then you can focus on my biggest priorities: my family, business, and health. Pride yourself on not doing it all (no ego!) and focus on what you’re best at – (which may not be cooking or cleaning). When you focus on being business owner, it’s stepping back from operator!

~ Create Clear Boundaries to Prevent Burn-Out
Be detailed about your work schedule in order to grow your business without burning out. Plan time off for yourself and family, including travel. Work less and carve out time for things that give you happiness and allow for creativity to flourish! Get excited for the future! Perhaps dream of and the actually publish a book; speak at events!
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Keep SOARing!

Eileen Lichtenstein
CEO, Balance & Power, Inc
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