Communicating Effectively at Home

These are trying times with working at home and homeschooling indefinitely in most locations. Communicating effectively can be practiced most easily when one is grounded and centered which may be accomplished by daily exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep. Also recommended is daily meditation (short is fine:), EFTtapping, positive visualizations, smiling, laughing and being grateful – it’s impossible to feel sad in the same moment as grateful. Sometimes, however, we get caught “unawares”, are “triggered” as someone “presses our buttons” and may feel unjustly “blamed”, spoken aggressively to. It’s important to “know” your physical warning signs: perhaps tightening around the chest, stomach, feeling like punching or throwing something…and before any of that may happen – WALK AWAY – perhaps saying “I’m going to calm down for a while now – and shut the door somewhere in the house or if possible go outside and walk slowly while deep breathing.

It can be helpful to keep in mind the 2nd agreement from “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz: “Don’t take anything personally”. Sometimes the other person is acting out of personal frustration – and taking it out on another.

Be Assertive v. Aggressive or Passive. When you want something, instead of possibly ordering or keeping it hidden, ask starting with “I need”. This can be very helpful!

I am having online and phone sessions with a free phone consult: 516 623 4353

Stay Well!!!

Keep SOARing!

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