2020 Vision: Stay Clear!

 10 Tips to Infuse Happiness into Your Life in 2020!

By doing these activities, your spirits will be lifted and you will be in a more positive mindset, so you may reap the benefits in performance, productivity, creativity and focus in addition to more effective communication and relationships!

These tips are tried and true!

1.  Listen to and follow your intuition.
During these trying and difficult times it’s been shown that it’s often necessary to reprioritize to get best outcomes.   Your intuition is most often correct when it comes to your life, work and relationships.  So even if it’s an inkling feeling – a tiny revelation- take a moment to recognize that and then move forward.

2.  Stay within your integrity- no matter what.
No reason or person is important enough to ever stray.  If you have  tried this over the years, whether intentionally or not, then you know it always backfires.

 3.  Love and laugh!
Both are proven stress reducers.  Happiness is contagious – many need more of that now while surrounded by global negativity, difficult times, chaos and immersed in “the new normal”. 4.  Forgive yourself  for mistakes; let go and move on. 
Self-forgiveness is essential in order to forgive anyone else.  Forgiveness is essential to let go of anger.  Letting go of anger is essential to be happier.  Especially in “the new normal” this is a no-brainer :).

5.  Take time each day  to relax.
We need our “down” time more than ever now, living in these difficult times.  Honor your method of relaxation and allow dreams to surface.  Be open to learning additional relaxation techniques and give them a try.. whatever works for you whenever you do it is OK as long as it has no negative effects on health or  overlaps with personal or work responsibilities.  If things are unmanageable – get help.

 6.  Be a great listener.
Listening is the most important part of communication.  If you do not understand what is being said, ask. Listen well and your response will  be more on target. Be an “active listener”.

7.  Stay healthy by practicing extreme self-care. (diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation techniques). Stress takes its toll on health and may exacerbate conditions already in existence.  Therefore we need to be more diligent in this realm in order to   “Thrive Amidst Chaos” (the title of a workshop I co-presented with two colleagues recently).8.  Stop procrastinating and take action- move forward or drop the project.
We all procrastinate; acknowledgement of being in this mode is the first step in moving forward. 

All procrastination is fear based and manifests itself through negative statements such as:

“not the right time now”
“why even bother…can happen (worst case scenario).”
Sometimes the act of “non-doing” is an indication that the idea needs to be tossed.

What holds us back from accomplishing our goals is fear.
• Fear of failure
• Fear of being judged
• Fear of success
• Fear of being controlled

These fears are often caused by deeply routed anxieties.  No matter- you can turn it all around with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques: Meridian Tapping) combined with positive language-visualization reframing and Peak Performance Success Coaching   and the intention to do just that!

The following are a few common phrases/excuses people use when they are procrastinating: The task is:

“too boring”
“too time consuming”
“I just don’t feel like it”
“I just don’t want to”.The Good News
The Good news is that EFT ( The Emotional Freedom Technique) is wonderfully successful in  reversing procrastination, as usually deeper emotional issues are involved.  It is based on the simple statement that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system . It involves tapping on meridian points while making  statements about the issue.

Knowing that you are afraid will not magically remove fear or change behavior.  You can use The EFT Technique to eradicate the roadblocks of guilt and fear that keep you from moving forward. When you use EFT and stimulate the acupressure points (see chart) the level of serotonin in the brain rises and floods the amygdala, the section of the brain involved with controlling emotion and fear, and the fear loop is disconnected.  Once the brain stops experiencing fear with the proper EFT tapping, set-up phrase (see below examples) and intuitive NLP language guidance from an experienced EFT Practitioner, which I am, you will find that your thoughts and behaviors transform effortlessly.

9.  Begin each day with a short meditation positive visualizations of successful outcomes of your goals. Oh! I am so much a believer in this!  Research has shown fantastic results.  It’s all up to you – and your connection to a higher power/the universe.

10.  Believe in yourself and your goals; create affirmations and post them onto mirrors, in an accessible notebook and in the car. These strategies work for me – and I’ve witnessed amazing positive shifts with clients: http://www.balanceandpower.com/testimonials.phpBelieve in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles. (Roy T. Bennett)
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“A lady who knows her stuff and really cares about your balance in work and life. Eileen’s skills have been developed over time and working with mostly executives, she knows how to destress them and live in an equilibrium.”

– Sara Troy from ‘Choose Positive Living’ on The Self Discovery Media Network

Read More Success Stories

mom·preneursPronunciation /mämprəˈnər/ /mɑmprəˈnər/nounA woman who sets up and runs her own business from home while choosing to care for her young child or children.
‘The rise of the Mompreneurs (Mumpreneurs, UK) comes as more highly educated women are choosing to stay at home with young children. Another factor is the rising cost of childcare and higher awareness of importance of personal balance/wellness.’
Despite the love and life it brings, at times motherhood can make us feel empty and unfulfilled when you start the business of your dreams and become your strongest and fittest, you can find yourself and sometimes be able to detach from the wild world of motherhood to flourish in other ways including being a Successful Mompreneur.

Here are a few important strategies for doing this that we incorporate into the coaching process:

~The Importance of Not Doing It All
How to prioritize your business while being a great mom at the same time? Trying to learn and build a business while raising kids is not an easy task — and may seem impossible at times. Really important to schedule time to work, and ask for help… accept that you can’t do it all! Then you can focus on my biggest priorities: my family, business, and health. Pride yourself on not doing it all (no ego!) and focus on what you’re best at – (which may not be cooking or cleaning). When you focus on being business owner, it’s stepping back from operator!

~ Create Clear Boundaries to Prevent Burn-Out
Be detailed about your work schedule in order to grow your business without burning out. Plan time off for yourself and family, including travel. Work less and carve out time for things that give you happiness and allow for creativity to flourish! Get excited for the future! Perhaps dream of and the actually publish a book; speak at events!
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For female executives, integrating work and life works efficiently with fast-paced technology, especially for millennials who are adapting well to this reality. The phrase “work-life integration” is blending what you do professionally and personally in order to make both happen. The trending shift (away from work-life flexibility and balance) has happened as fast as the development and speed of technology. Some executive moms may be finding it difficult to step away from the work-life balance they have worked so hard to attain.

Whether the problem is too much focus on work or too little, when your work life and your personal life feel out of balance, often times stress, along with its harmful effects, is the result.

The good news is that most can take control of stress levels by giving yourself the time to do the things that are most important to you. When life literally is beginning to feel “out of control” or “lopsided” and you feel off kilter, give yourself the gift of time to restore balance.
In this productivity-driven world, more and more female executives are finding it hard to balance their roles both at home and at the workplace.
Conflict between work and family life is one of the most common causes of stress for working mothers. I can help Female Executives find Work Life Balance / Integration in today’s competitive world.
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