Be a Successful Mompreneur!

Here are two important strategies for being a successful Mompreneur:

~The Importance of Not Doing It All

How to prioritize your business while being a great mom at the same time? Trying to learn and build a business while raising kids is not an easy task — and may seem impossible at times. Really important to schedule time to work, and ask for help… accept that you can’t do it all! Then you can focus on my biggest priorities: my family, business, and health. Pride yourself on not doing it all (no ego!) and focus on what you’re best at – (which may not be cooking or cleaning). When you focus on being business owner, it’s stepping back from operator!

~ Create Clear Boundaries to Prevent Burn-Out

Be detailed about your work schedule in order to grow your business without burning out. Plan time off for yourself and family, including travel. Work less and carve out time for things that give you happiness and allow for creativity to flourish! Get excited for the future! Perhaps dream of and the actually publish a book; speak at event. Questions? 

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