Do you want LESS STRESS for the HOLIDAYS?

Less Stress for the HolidaysManaging Time Focusing to Attain Your Goals have been well received topics in my workshop venues. I’ve come to the personal-professional conclusion that what all participants relate to for an easier season is keeping things simple.

I’m an advocate of this philosophy year round- and I think we all go through phases and times where the “complicated version” is attractive. Extra seasonal demands point to staying with the basics and what matters most. “Being stressed” is about feeling overwhelmed and out of control- and sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. We always have a choice, however, about how we cope with these circumstances. Unleash Your Inner Power!
Success Coaching combined with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping) will unleash your  inner power and full potential.  Really!  A new season is upon us, including all December Holidays in a blink!  Holidays are  double edged- wonderful and stressful for most people…

There’s still time to make 2020 our best year yet!  You can accomplish all you set out to do, including the challenges below:
 Discover and release your full purpose and life potential!
Identify what’s holding you back and how to turn it around to reach your goals.
Learn tools, techniques & strategies to achieve more results in less time.
Find out how to attract, work with, motivate and live harmoniously with different style communicators and personalities without pressing their “hot buttons”.
Let go, let be, forgive and be thankful for more than you ever imagined is possible!~
EFT can eradicate blocks and physical as well as emotional negative symptoms.  It’s worked wonderfully for my coaching clients as well as myself.   Find out more! I’ve documented many successful EFT case studies in my book  SOAR! with Resilience® .  And, the great news is you can re-wire – re-pattern yourself to eliminate old habits and create new ones.  

You only need twenty-one days of positive repetition to form a new pattern/habit!  It helps to be accountable to someone and to “tap on it” .  Actually, it’s been said you can “tap on anything”.  I was skeptical myself at first, and then saw incredible results during the trainings I took to become a certified practitioner.  Give it a try to unleash your inner power and full potential!

Complimentary 20 minute consult: 516.623.4353

Find the tapping points here:   Eileen’s EFT One Sheet Here
See Eileen’s intro EFT video:  
 Take Joybreaks!
This can be  a very stressful time of year. Taking “joy” and exercise-stretch breaks throughout the day clears your mind, stretches muscles and ups the endorphins (feeling good hormones) and creativity factor.

Throughout your busy day as an executive (possibly Mom!) it’s important to take regular joy breaks such as stretching, deep breathing, EFT tapping, dancing,walking, chatting with a friend on the phone, reading fiction.

It may never be “the right time” so it helps to be aware of your emotional triggers and/or physical stress symptoms (achy back, neck, shoulders, wrists, headache,) and take joy breaks throughout your day – give the juggling and feeling of overwhelm a break!

I coach for success and less stress-frustration online and in my Nassau County Office.
FREE Phone consult: 516.623.4353
Want warm glows and feelings of happiness? Try the power of giving!

Research supports that the power of giving makes people feel good and that those who spend more of their income on others are happier than people who spend more on themselves. Research from neuroscience suggests these people aren’t just saying their generosity feels good because they think they’re supposed to. Instead, studies have shown that the psychological rewards of kindness are reflected in the neural circuitry of the brain.

No study has directly measured brain activity in people who spend on others vs. those who spend on themselves. Charitable giving makes the “feel-good” parts of people’s brains light up in studies, particularly when the giving was totally voluntary, like feeling a “warm glow,” that pleasant feeling we get from doing something nice for someone else.

Giving also triggered activity in the parts of the brain which are known to light up when we think about moral issues.

Researchers also found that when participants made their charitable donations, the activity in these “moral processing” areas of the brain was greater among people who volunteered more in real life!It’s impossible to feel depressed in the same moment as grateful!
Complimentary Consult: 516.623.4353

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Release stress and resolve issues!Build confidence! Overcome fears!Tap on your own challenges and the other participants’ for great results!Reduce stress and transform procrastination into action!Beginners and Experienced Tappers Welcome
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Meet Eileen

Eileen Lichtenstein helps Female Executives Balance Work And Family Life

For female executives, integrating work and life works efficiently with fast-paced technology, especially for millennials who are adapting well to this reality. The phrase “work-life integration” is blending what you do professionally and personally in order to make both happen. The trending shift (away from work-life flexibility and balance) has happened as fast as the development and speed of technology. Some executive moms may be finding it difficult to step away from the work-life balance they have worked so hard to attain.

Whether the problem is too much focus on work or too little, when your work life and your personal life feel out of balance, often times stress, along with its harmful effects, is the result.

The good news is that most can take control of stress levels by giving yourself the time to do the things that are most important to you. When life literally is beginning to feel “out of control” or “lopsided” and you feel off kilter, give yourself the gift of time to restore balance
In this productivity-driven world, more and more female executives are finding it hard to balance their roles both at home and at the workplace.
Conflict between work and family life is one of the most common causes of stress for working mothers. I can help Female Executives find Work Life Balance in today’s competitive world.
 Work Life Balance For Female Executives Long Island NYSessions held in Uniondale office, on your site in NY metro area or via Skype
Contact Eileen today for a Free 20 minute Consultation.

More Information on Work Life Balance and Integration For Female Executives and CEO’s
How to Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity
A transformative journey of self-development that will guide you to amazing levels of happiness and abundance in your life. You will learn about components of happiness and productivity and how to apply it to your own circumstances. You will learn how to implement and adapt the strategies to your own life on an ongoing basis.

How Does It Work?
You will receive a new lesson every week for 6 weeks (total of 6 lessons). Each lesson is yours to keep and you’ll be able to refer back to it whenever you want. And if you miss a lesson or are too busy to get to it that day, each lesson will conveniently remain in your account so you won’t have to search for it when you’re ready to get back to it.

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More Info: Create Optimal Happiness & ProductivitySOAR! with Resilience®: The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success” by Eileen Lichtenstein
Available as eBook or Hard Copy

This powerful interactive book will change your life! At last there is a book that interactively takes you through all the components of success. Eileen Lichtenstein waves a wand of magic with this inspirational book & it will leave you spell bound!

A must read for anyone struggling to take their personal or professional life to a higher level of success and satisfaction. Eileen has created a book where she is “your” business, life, parenting or transition coach – partner! Eileen takes you through her personal journey of accomplishment while showing how you too can achieve the same peace and balance she has achieved in her own life.

 Continue to SOAR:More Balance & Power Products to help you experience the freedom and peace of leading a balanced life. eBooks, CD’s and more…
 Eileen is a regular contributor to these publications:
 Real Talk MagazineThe Huffington PostBeing resilient in body, mind and spirit is key to being happy and successful in all areas of life. The Balance & Power Blog
Keep SOARing!

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