Balance at Work for Executive Leaders!

The delicate balance between solo and social time at work has an impact on productivity, engagement, and happiness at work. Too much of either may reduce productivity, focus, and energy. The formula for balance of solo and social time at work looks is individual. Finding your middle ground to be happy and productive at work and reenergizing for leaders first takes introspection: some time alone, reflecting on your mission, goals and relationships, what may be missing, and ultimately action! Leaders need constructive rest. Constructive rest is the kind of healthy rest you take during (or outside of) work that replenishes your energy. During work hours, constructive rest could look like taking a walk, meditating in a quiet room or in your car, or going for a coffee break. After work it can look different.

Social time for executive leaders is essential for progress as well; not only coffee chats, team lunches, or team bonding – also group meetings, one-on-one conversations, and video calls—any time you spend with other people.

If you need guidance and/or accountability with this, as well as work-life integration, you may contact me for a 20 minute complimentary consult: 516-623 4353

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