Mastering Your Time and Energy

I hope, dear readers, that anyone reading this understands we cannot manage time – we all have 24 hours in a day. Its possible and very doable, however, to manage our priorities, not procrastinate or insist on perfectionism. Taking time every day in the early morning it helps to review what is required and/or expected of us – by others and ourselves. It is the time to rearrange priorities when possible, delete the impossible from to-do lists – when it can be done and doesn’t hurt anyone emotionally or physically. It is also the time to bring up your energy level – ready to “conquer” the day – after the visualizations/meditation if you can do some exercise it is prime time! Perhaps arising before other members of the household is necessary and certainly never pressing the snooze button.

If you need help accomplishing these suggestions and to be accountable to a coach – you may call me for a complimentary consult and schedule sessions in my Nassau County office or on the internet.

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