Teacher’s Anticipation

Teachers: Gearing up?

A few previous careers ago included teaching school pre-K-8, and I understand how the onset of August brings a combination of positive and negative anticipation for the upcoming semester as well as disbelief that the summer is almost gone!

Sometimes thoughts about what to do differently and about goals for the children and myself came through the August summering…

My experience and training in the field of education along with more recent professional trainings including Living Values Education for Educators and Parents have included the importance of including the following concepts at home and in the classroom:

Peace, Love, Happiness, Respect, Cooperation, Honesty, Responsibility and Tolerance/Acceptance.

anger management New York

I am available to facilitate trainings and classes in this area for school staff, parent-teacher’s association and parenting groups as well as personal sessions in my Uniondale, Long Island office or via Skype.  Free consult:  516 623 4353



2 thoughts on “Teacher’s Anticipation

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