Rewire Your Brain – and Your Child’s!

**Spend some time everyday in green spaces.

Research shows 20 minutes in nature can lower stress hormones! Get the whole family outside with a walk, hike or bike ride.

**Practicing Mindfulness for 2 weeks can rewire the way your brain reacts to stress.

Studies have found that after doing mindfulness exercises like meditation and deep breathing for 20 minutes a day, people had lower blood pressure, while performing a stressful task.

** Teach your children deep breathing and positive visualization as calming down tools that they can use before falling asleep and also during “calm down time” – ie: “time out” to get in touch with feelings and possibly consider an apology.

** Learn EFT (emotional Freedom Technique), tapping and teach to children old enough to learn it or simply tap on them.

I guide individuals and groups with these coping skills. Uniondale, NY office, Online or Your Location COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT: 516 623 4353

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