EFT Transforms Cravings and Fear-Based Challenges

Emotional Freedom Technique also known at EFT/ tapping is the talk of the day. This amazing modality is based on the body’s energies and a simple statement that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the energy system.  As you may know and most of the medical industry is now discovering, when we have physical problems they are almost always connected with our emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique comes to the rescue and is showing astounding results; in some cases after one or two sessions.   EFT reverses cravings and releases fear/phobias as well as relieving physical symptoms associated with stress and anger.  The system I use is based on the teachings of Gary Craig.  You may find my intro EFT videos, testimonials, and the link to a PDF diagram of tapping points here:   EFT  Emotional Freedom Techniques  

This is how I work with clients: After first understanding the emotional state of the client through traditional methods, it is the time to introduce EFT.  I explain the premise (above, with further explanations on the internet), how it works and then teach the tapping points.  Before getting started, I ask my client to place his level of distress with the problem (and I ask him to visualize a recent presentation of the problem that I know about from recent conversation) on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest level of distress.).

Then, I guide the participant through several rounds of tapping after completing 3 karate chop or “sore spot” massaging set up phrases described in my ebook:  eBooks/Products Image

When I’m satisfied that much has been further revealed and released in the tapping rounds, then I close the session by asking for a number as in the beginning.  If it has not gone down significantly, I continue with new set up phrases and several more tapping rounds.  I close my session with several relaxation breaths and a guided positive visualization relevant to the situation.

Follow up: I request that the client tap on his own every AM (in the shower works well:))and throughout the day as needed for 21 days (to be safe; sometimes the fear or craving is reversed within one or two sessions!). I write personalized script(s) and continue to integrate EFT into subsequent coaching/counseling sessions.

I’m an Anger Management Specialist .  My certifying organization (NAMA, National Anger Management Association) is an advocate of EFT. I include it in sessions for anger and parenting as well as life/career coaching.

Questions? You may contact me: 516 623 4353  eileen@balanceandpower.com 

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