Communicating Effectively & Productively

Effectively communicating our thoughts to others makes our interactions more meaningful and productive. The passion and conviction we feel about our ideas can often cause us to blurt them out before we have fully worked through them in our minds, and this can result in misunderstandings and conflict. Instead, you may choose to formulate your thoughts carefully and select the most effective words to convey them to enhance the probability that others will listen with open minds. Choosing words carefully before speaking can minimize misunderstandings and be helpful in expressing your ideas clearly. A good way to do this is by simply pausing before you speak to clarify your thoughts in your own mind.  By taking the time to choose your words carefully, you can lend a new depth and meaning to all of your communications with others. At the same time,  clear communications will attract like-minded people who share your vision and want to work cooperatively and productively, thereby forming meaningful and productive connections and enhancing current connections.

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Balance and Power - Eileen Lichtenstein - HALF.

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