Are you distressed, angry, anxious from the US political campaign news?

anger management Wantagh The news is 24/7.  This has been called the most volatile and distressing presidential campaign in our country’s history. It may even feel like you don’t want to avoid it…it’s almost like being drawn to a horrific accident that you tell yourself you don’t want to see…yet can’t seem to take your eyes off it.  We may  – as can be expected – feel immense fear, anger, sadness and grief that we can’t easily shake off.
The strongest emotions that people have been sharing with me over the last year are anxiety and anger. This is especially true as the candidates make allegations about particularly outrageous personal behavior on the part of their opponent, be it lewd or unethical – behavior we can neither prove nor disprove (but we all have our hunches, and treat them as “the truth”).
anger management Long Island

If you’re finding it difficult to stay cheerful and optimistic right now, for the next week, and beyond:

  • Limit your exposure to campaign polls and news.Unless your job requires you to keep up with every new development, TURN OFF THE TV! Turn off news alerts on all your electronic devices. Resist checking for updates every time you have a pause in your daily activities.
    Over-exposure to the constant details is exhausting and frustrating, and triggers feelings of fear, powerlessness, anxiety and anger.
  • Exercise the power you have to influence the outcome in the voting booth, then continue to take good care of yourself after November 8th, minimizing your anger, frustration and fear since the sensationalistic news is likely to continue.
  • Throughout the day say a Personal Mantra-Affirmation while deep breathing, such as, “Breathe in calm, exhale release anger, fear, anxiety Take long, slow, deep breaths and focus on clearing your mind and letting your body relax.

Practice putting aside thoughts about politics for a while.  Find a version of meditation that works for you.  Simply sit on a cushion or comfotable chair-sofa and practice traditional meditation, or simply take a quiet walk and focus on the beauty of nature.
Focus on something of intrinsic beauty or value, without using any words. This is an excellent antidote to prolonged absorption and analysis of stressful and upsetting matters.

Get a massage, listen to music, play sports…any activity that allows you to release pent-up stress.

  • Seek out people who can provide care and support for you, and activities that are restorative, relaxing and have a quieting effect on your thoughts.
  • Give yourself permission to set real emotional boundaries.  You can choose limit conversations about the campaign and to walk away from conversations that feel too intense or upsetting. You can ask friends and family to change the subject.
    Before sharing your thoughts and opinions on the candidates, ASK if the other person wants to hear it. It’s upsetting when anyone shares an opinion no one really wants or needs to hear.

Remember,  this campaign will end soon, and the country will heal from all the negativity and rhetoric we’ve been subjected to.  Breathe!

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