Mindful, Proactive Parenting

Words that motivate and inspire vs. labeling, categorizing or blaming, responding v. reacting always go further.  When your child does something unacceptable to someone else, try addressing the behavior not the child by asking these three questions about her (his) actions:

  • Was it kind?
  • Was it safe?
  • Was it respectful?

These three questions can begin the process of change and teaching — without categorizing or labeling. Proactive, mindful parenting begins with you! You’re the adult – even though at times we are triggered (by our children) to childish reactions.  I’m an educator, coach and anger management specialist as well as being trained with www.livingvalueseducation.org, www.livingvalues.net in the parenting realm.

Contact me for a free consult: www.balanceandpower.com 516 623 4353

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