Millennial Management!

Ages 18-34 are often stereotyped as “coddled” and “entitled” – and are stepping up to management positions in all areas of business, healthcare and non-profit.  They join Gen X (ages 35 – 50) in replacing retiring BabyBoomers and stepping up the pace and technology.  They also have been observed to respond to texts faster than voicemail and often email and are extremely vocal about flexible work schedules.  What’s an older not yet retired Boomer to do? At the very least take a few days to learn and perfect texting skills, even if you only use it for the workplace.  Multigenerational workplace may need additional trainings to understand styles of communication, to reduce stress and anger, increase tolerance and patience.

This is all included in Balance & Power, Inc. sensitivity trainings which are customized and may include aspects of diversity training as well.  Call for a FREE Consult:  516 623 4353

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