Transform Limiting Beliefs with EFT

The video below introduces EFT (Emotional freedom techniques, tapping) which can be instrumental in transforming negative beliefs.

Negative beliefs about ourselves are often mean and constant, and we don’t always notice them because they are often subconcious. To help find out what your negative thoughts are, you need to write them down, or at least share them verbally with an EFT practioner.  Then you can “tap” on each thought-challenge until they are gone!

Here are a few examples of negative thoughts with “turnaround” statements next to each one.

I’m too fat.                    I’m the perfect weight for me at this time.

I don’t know enough.    I know all that I need to know right now.

I’m not good enough.   I’m perfect just as I am.

I’ll never be any good.  I’m getting better all the time.

I’m not worthy of a relationship.   I am worthy of the right relationship for me.

I’m stupid.   I’m as smart as I need to be.

I weigh too much.   I’m the perfect weight for me right now.

Contact me for a FREE CONSULT and together we can transform your limiting beliefs.

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