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 Most everyone seems happier in the NE US.  It’s also about capturing the essence of rebirth and renewal as a year round resource. It’s about appreciating beauty in nature and inner beauty on a constant basis. If you or someone you know needs extra help coping with stress, frustrations, anger take advantage of my individual sessions and groups.  I integrate EFT andMBSR within coaching, training  and personalize each session.

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April 14, 2015 by Eileen Lichtenstein
Many formulas for success are going around. Decades of experience working with clients and “on” myself have proven over and over again that these are five necessary components of a powerful success formula for optimal happiness and productivity

Research on this topic includes these following components crucial for success:

  1. Access your Intuition
  2. Trust your intuition We are all born with intuition so a challenge may be to learn to access that and trust yourself about it!
  3. Communicate assertively
  4. Listen well
  5. Take action

Personal challenges may arise including negative thinking or simply not trusting “the answers” that come up for you. You may accelerate your learning curve by quieting your mind so that you “hear” or intuit right choices. Develop patience and be aware of not acting “on impulse”.
Practice “saying no” to create positive space for yourself and learn how to communicate assertively (not passively or aggressively). Hone your listening skills – to others as well as yourself! And finally, take action when you know the time is right (your intuition will tell you when:)), and without procrastinating- which is always fear based and ditch perfectionism to accomplish something meaningful and “on target.”

Anyone with the intention to change and succeed, with guidance can successfully SOAR! with Resilience®. Patterns can be changed and new neurological paths formed. I can help you create success and accountability.

Keep SOARing!
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