Travel Adventures: The Kindness of Strangers continues

I recently was on a Sicilian holiday with my husband  between family visiting in London and Amsterdam. Everything was well planned and going wonderfully – we visited the beautiful coastal resort Taormina, Palermo and then ancient Greek ruins in Agrigento. The rental car was fine and our European GPS working well until…

We couldn’t find our hotel and got a “no matches” message when I called – I had purchased an international phone card in the UK. We decided to travel back to the airport that eve instead of very early morning and booked a nice hotel near the airport. starting out refreshed after a light supper. Soon it was torrentially raining and dark while driving on mountain roads.. A few hours into this nightmare and many wrong exits of traffic circles or gps mistakes, we found ourselves in a very small town. I actually was ready to spend the night in the car or a bed and breakfast if it existed: I had given up, unusual for me. And, I was getting sick…caught an upper respiratory virus from the London crew. So we stopped at a bar with a petrol station and I asked the drinking gentlemen if anyone was English speaking?  Turned out one whipped out his iPhone to maps and as we spoke into it translation appeared for directions.  Recent experience with the dark rainy mountain roads did not leave us hopeful, so another fine fellow said we could follow him to a rest stop near the auto route entrance. Whew! Thirty minutes later, voila! On the road to the airport hotel.

Lesson learned: confirm hotel reservation! !sicily angels sicily harbor sicily ruins sicily Eileen stretch sicily (2)
Resolved: no night – rain – mountain driving! even if I’m the passenger.

Continue to travel with international phone cards.

Grateful: We got there safe ‘n’ sound, treacherous u turns and all.

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