SoarCover-w-anger-addedEFT helps with ADD/ADHD! and ignores the conventional methods (e.g. re-wiring the brain, enhancing focus or drugs).  Instead, it uncovers and releases unresolved emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, or trauma. Once these issues are properly resolved (which is what EFT does best) the ADD-ADHD symptoms tend to fade and the client leads a normal social and academic life. (Note: If you are using Ritalin or other drugs, please rely on your physician regarding their use.)
ADD or ADHD clients almost invariably have anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, or trauma from either their current circumstances and when adults, their childhood. Often they feel like they “don’t fit in” or “don’t match up.” In such cases, ADD or ADHD become symptoms of those underlying emotional causes. These issues become much easier to handle when you take aim at their true causes instead of covering up the problems with medication and many side effects.  Resolve the causes and the symptoms fade. EFT does this!!

Join Eileen: EFT Tapping Presentation for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

eft events long island
A CHADD monthly Education Forum

Eileen’s Presentation: ‘EFT Tapping’
A Special Presentation for parents & families of children with AD/HD and related disorders

Including a Q&A and EFT Materials.

Join Eileen at her EFT reception table. There will be handouts, community bulletin boards, cash only bookstore, membership sign-up and free refreshments.

When: Monday, January 22nd from 8:15pm – 9:15pm

Cost: Free

Participants will receive Eileen’s eBook: Gain Clarity & Confidence with EFT

Location: The East Meadow Jewish Center, 1400 Prospect Avenue, East Meadow, south of Hempstead Turnpike, east of the Nassau University Medical Center and north of the Southern State Parkway.

More Info:

Find out More about EFT

Join Eileen for a Free Online Introductory Seminar:

Call for a FREE CONSULT! 516 623 4353 

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