Bullying Prevention

Kerry Flynn Moeykens, my Co-Author in the collaborative collection
CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM! www.contagiousoptimism.net (publisher Viva Editions) has “hit the nail on the head” re the commonality between bullies and victims: shame and low self-esteem. We hope this helps break the chain!! She sent me her short piece below that I’m happy to share:

 Something Happened at School

Billy came home from school one day

He was feeling very sad

His mom asked if he was ok

He said he didn’t feel that bad


By the time his dad got home

He was in a better mood

And by the time dinner rolled around

He was ready for some food


The dinner conversation was the usual

“How was your day, dear?”

But Billy sat in silence

Didn’t think they’d want to hear


He didn’t have the nerve to say

“Hey, things aren’t go so well.

There’s a couple kids who are mean to me.”

No, not him, he wasn’t gonna tell


About those thoughts “You’re a loser”

It really would hurt their pride

If they knew for just one moment

How he really felt inside


His grades are slipping

He did it to himself

The coach won’t let him play this season

He can leave his cleats up on the shelf


There’s a girl he likes, Mary

He thinks she’s smart and cool

His friends don’t like her, not at all

They call her names like “Tool”


He ate his dinner quietly

He barely spoke a word

Then he noticed a voice inside him

And this is what he heard:



“Bill, don’t be afraid

I need for you to see

The strength you have inside yourself

The person you’re meant to be”


He closed his eyes

his head was reeling

and without thought his breath gave life

to all the hurt he was feeling


The way they’d been threatening him

If he ever thought of telling

The way they followed him around

And the things he saw them selling


His parents listened closely

So they could understand

And then they worked together

To come up with a plan


All his friends knew his grades were bad

His parents weren’t thrilled

he needed a reason for them to go to school

And his grades fit the bill


Billy went to bed that night

He finally got some rest

He didn’t feel the weight of worry

He got his secrets off his chest


Billy’s classes went by quickly

And he was almost having fun

That is, until he noticed

Those boys had disappeared one-by-one


By lunchtime everybody knew

That someone must have told

And as that thought crossed Billy’s mind

A chill made him run cold


They know it’s me

They know I’m to blame

And all of the pride he built up inside

Felt more and more like shame


But there was that voice again

And it shouted louder and louder:

“You stood up and did the right thing

No one could be prouder”


The voice had given him courage

It made him feel strong

He knew he had made the right choice

It was those boys who were wrong


Billy pretended to be fascinated with his lunch

Which was usually quite dull

He looked up at one point

When the conversation lulled


Across from him stood Mary

Still with tray in hand

She asked Billy if she could sit with him

And he said, “Unless you’d rather stand.”


His friends just stared at Billy

he quickly said, “I mean, sure, have a seat.”

Then the whole group laughed

Billy’s heart skipped a beat


Billy didn’t think himself a hero

But to many he would have been

His school was a safer place that day

And all because of him


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Strategies for Conflict Resolution/Intervention and Bullying Prevention

bullying prevention Long Island

  • Applications: Professional to professional, in the workplace, as well as educational facilities. Professional to student; and student to student. Strategies are based on psycho-educational models.


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