Be Unstoppable: An inspirational Interview

My colleague, the unstoppable Frankie Picasso has an amazing inspirational interview below with Fran Silverman; enjoy!:

Q  – Roughly 10 years ago you lived through a horrific motorcycle accident where you sustained breaks to both of your femurs, hip, pelvis tibula and fibula. During your 5-1/2 months in the hospital you worried about your three children, lost your job in a corporate restructuring, went through a marital divorce and lost your beloved dog.

Yet you didn’t let anything stop you. You picked yourself up, got on your laptop and worked toward an online certificate in coaching. You always maintained a positive outlook.

Was this certificate your dream before the accident?

No Fran, coaching wasn’t even a career that I had even heard of although unbeknownst to me, I have always done it. I had wanted to become a Spiritual Psychotherapist but after seeing one, she convinced me that Coaching was the NEW Career path I needed to take, so I took her advice. It certainly “FIT” felt like I was home.

The average person would be depressed from what you went through. Yet you turned your negative into a positive. Not everyone is able to get over their heartbreaks as you have done. What is your secret?

Let’s rephrase that Fran , shall we? I think that EVERY ONE has the capability of overcoming much more than they think they can, but until we are put to the test, none of us really know our limits. I have always been an optimist, and a dreamer and somehow have always had the confidence in my ability to create whatever I vision. Perhaps what others are lacking is just the skill set and role models I have been fortunate to have had in my life. Specifically my father. He is a survivor and that is something I suppose I get from him but also something I really admire in him. In fact, I have just started a new Radio show titled Crazy Good Radio that I call a Negative Intervention. It is all Positive News, Guests, stories, music..etc. I want to show listeners HOW to pay Positive Attention and have a Positive Intention. It means you will have to look at the world in a different way, through a different lense. Being Positive is a CHOICE that I make. It is a disservice to waste ANY of the amazing time we have here on Earth wallowing in self pity or negativity. We can do that later when we are dead.( but we won’t).

You state that your past is not your potential for potential has no bounds. “Choose to break from your self-imposed limits,” you urge. “Use your imagination to create a life of Endless possibility.” Well, for some of us without imagination and self-imposed limits it’s harder to do. What do you suggest?


Great Question. When you cannot ‘vision’ your way to a new or different lifestyle or situation, that is when you hire need to hire an expert like a Coach. Life Coach’s don’t tell people what to do or how to live their lives. What they DO offer is really GREAT questions that will help an individual remember and or/ reframe what they really want in their life. How they want to live and how to get there. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us, Champion us, dream with us and keep pushing us to the other side. Most of us live with self imposed limits. Society has set us up that way. We are socialized to act and think in a certain way from the time we are born. Either we are good little girls and boys or we are bad. Children who are often told NO, they aren’t good at something (whether right or wrong) find that those labels go deep into their subconscious, affecting their self esteem and self image. Family, Teachers, Friends and Lovers all have had their influence on us. The good news is that we can change and repair any damage starting with acknowledging that is what you want to do.  The Chinese have two characters for Change. One is Danger , the other Opportunity.  I love this because it is so true. We cannot have the wonderful things we want without leaving our comfort zone, IE The DANGER. But if we do, we get the REWARD- Opportunity.

You are the founder of an organization designed to bring together the resources necessary for positive change throughout the world. Your words say it all: “I believe that often we bring limited thinking and negativity to problem solving. There are always solutions but sometimes they call for a bit more effort, knowledge and creative thinking than we are willing or able to expend.”



Frankie was interviewed by Francine Silverman, editor of Book Promotion Newsletter,
an on-line publicist, compiler of 16 ebooks of talk radio shows and host of a weekly
radio show, Fraternizing with Fran – where interesting people come to chat. and






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