Time Can Be Your Ally: Calm in the Midst of Chaos


Time can serve as a powerful ally as novel experiences and activities are introduced into everyday existence. Time works for us when we devise our daily and weekly schedules with great care, because our choice to use the time available to us in one way or another empowers us to create a truly individualized existence.  The flexibility with which you navigate your schedule helps you accomplish everything on your to-do list easily. 

You can feel calm in the midst of chaos when you are conscious of your personal needs and prepared to incorporate them into your schedule.  A busy schedule can become a source of stress while struggling to meet intense timelines.  Suggestion:  Make time to pursue activities directly related to your personal wellness by creating interludes between bouts of intense activity and calming or stress releasing  pursuits such as meditation, reading or exercise.

A solopreneur has much more flexibility available.  For instance, I usually take a break mid morning to work out or go for a walk outside.  The time spent “in the zone” opens up creativity and often this is when I get my “aha’s” and new ideas that are exciting!  Those on company time have a bigger challenge of creating time as an ally- and doable! How do you create calm in the midst of chaos and time as an ally?

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