EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques, Tapping) Conquers Emotional Eating

EFT ( (Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping) doesn’t change the original upsetting event, it dissolves the blocked energy that resulted from the upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out of emotion rather than hunger.

Why EFT Works

* Food cravings can be dissolved immediately (yes, even chocolate) 
* Can be used to reduce stress from everyday issues that may cause you to turn to food in order to tranquilize your anxious feelings 
* Begins eroding negative, set-in-stone beliefs and self-fulfilling expectations about food, weight, body image and hereditary factors 
* Begins to eliminate any subconscious need to hang on to excess weight 
* Can neutralize the emotional effects of difficult or traumatic events from the past 
* Can help you to act in harmony with your core values 
* Can help you identify your personal overeating ‘triggers’, the people, places, situations, or thoughts that cause stressful emotions and lead to overeating.

So, if you want to find out how to zap your food cravings right now with EFT I  urge you to try it for yourself with a free consult: eileen @balanceandpower.com  516 623 4353

“Tapping each day keeps the binges away!”


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