Positive Thinking & Positive Phrasing Fosters Success!

Positive thinking plus positive phrasing fosters success!

It takes conscious effort and patience to change-eliminate certain phrases which have become verbal patterns/habits over the years.  It’s easier to do with a buddy…and/or a snap of a rubber band on the wrist each time the incorrect phrase slips out.  The same idea about cursing which can be challenging to stop and will be much appreciated by everyone who spends time with you. I know, I’ve done that!  The following are often said phrases that are best to change:

“That’s not bad” becomes “That’s quite good.”

“No problem” becomes “You’re very welcome, sure, I’ll be happy to!”

“That’s bad” becomes “That’s not good.”

“Don’t worry” becomes “You’ll be fine.”

“Put some effort into it” becomes “Let’s put some energy into it.”

“It’s too hard” becomes “It’s not easy.”

“I’m sick” becomes “I don’t feel well.”

“I forgot” becomes “I didn’t remember.”

“I’ve been working hard” becomes “I’ve been working well.”

“Don’t cry” becomes “That’s OK..”

There’s a lot of negativity going around.  We can each do this and make a difference!

I can help you change language patterns and behavioral patterns too!  Have you bee procrastinating about something lately?  Contact me for FREE strategy consult






ACTION! must be added for this formula to work :)-

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