Holiday Tapping (EFT) Script

As you may know, EFT is an

Amazing Energy Meridian Tapping Technique combined with Intuitive Languaging that Can Help Eradicate & Relieve Your Physical and Emotional Negative Symptoms!

Emotional Freedom Technique also known at EFT/ tapping is the talk of the day. This amazing new discovery is based on the body’s energies and a simple statement that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the energy system. It may be explained as the modern version of acupuncture without the needles and acupressure without pain, used in conjunction with performance success coaching.

As you may know and most of the medical industry is now discovering, when we have physical problems they are almost always connected with our emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique comes to the rescue and is showing astounding results; in some cases after one or two sessions.  You may learn more about EFT and the tapping points on my webpage: and in my Ebook and then proceed to this tapping holiday script:

Karate Chop: Even though I’m overwhelmed with everything
that is going on this holiday season, I deeply
and completely accept myself….

Karate Chop: Even though I’m stressed out because I have
way too much to do, and not enough time, I deeply
and completely accept myself…

Karate Chop: Even though I’m frustrated with the craziness
of the holidays, I chose to relax now.

Eyebrow: Way too stressed out…
Side of the Eye: Too much to do…
Under Eye: I’ve got way too much to do…
Under Nose: And not enough time…
Under Mouth: There’s just not enough time…
Collarbone: And it’s stressing me out….
Under Arm:  Too many presents to buy…
Top of the Head: Too many people to see….

(continuing though the points again)

Eyebrow: Why do the holidays have to be so crazy?
Side of the Eye: It’s nuts!
Under Eye: But I can chose to relax now…
Under Nose: I can chose to relax anytime….
Under Mouth: I can chose to let go….
Collarbone: I chose to enjoy this holiday season….
Under Arm:  I chose to notice the love, joy and peace
around me….
Top of the Head: I chose to create love, joy and peace
around me…

Take a deep breath….

And let it go….

What came up? If there’s something specific that’s
bothering you, tap on that.

Remember, the more specific you can get on your issue
the better, the above is just to get you started.

Spend another 5 minutes (I know you don’t think you
have the time, but you do, make YOURSELF a priority)
and continue to tap down any stress, anxiety or worry
you might be feeling.

I’ve just come up with a new rule for myself around
tapping, that you might enjoy…

“Never stop tapping unless the issue is at a “3” of
intensity or less…”

So keep going until you bring at least one primary
challenge down significantly.  You’ll thank yourself
for it later!

Did you have a good experience with this tapping?

Share your thoughts :) below.



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