It’s Time to Take Action Now!

DSC02197I know that sometimes my family is annoyed  with my tendency to do things immediately as they come up (even though as I’ve grown older I’ve developed more patience and perhaps procrastination:)).
So, when I sat down and wrote out a huge list of To-Do’s that related to the four major projects I am working on now, all with approaching due dates.  I found the list  to be revealing. Did I really have that much to do in so little time and in so many different areas of my life?
I decided to use EFT  Emotional Freedom Techniques and systematically applied it to each item on my list.  The following day that I saw the effects. What happened then was eye opening!:
• When I looked over the topics of things I had to get done I felt so different about doing them that it was hard to believe that this was possible.
• I was doing them, one after the other.
• It was no big deal to do them.
• I didn’t feel sorry for myself for having to “do the impossible”.
• There was no self-pity (and I hadn’t even realized I’d had any self-pity before!)
• My carefully constructed rationale for not doing these things was gone. It had vanished.
• I couldn’t believe this was “me” acting this way. Something basic had changed.
Nuf said!  I’d love to share how EFT works with procrastination.  You may view my demo video here: and contact me for a complimentary consult  516 623 4353

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