Bullying Affects Adulthood

Studies have been verifying that bullying (victim or perpetrator) affects adulthood. A new study suggests that  that bullying doesn’t end in the schoolyard, but casts a shadow into adulthood when emotional, behavioral, financial and health problems manifest.

Research shows that the poor results for victims and victims-perpetrators ran high even when other important factors such as childhood psychiatric disorders and family hardship were controlled.  It’s these victims-perpetrators that are the most socially defeated, as they are unsuccessful at fighting back.  Bullies enter adulthood with similar problems as victims: low self esteem, poor communicative abilities, poor anger and stress control  and difficulty sustaining positive relationships. 

 The global economic and political climate is a large stress factor for most people.  Anger is a natural human emotion; however it can be self-sabotaging and destructive when out of control…  I will be facilitating a three week Anger Management group for adults in Long Island starting soon.  See details and sign up here: http://www.balanceandpower.com/angermanagement.php

 I continue to see individuals, both adults and children in person and via video skype.

516 623 4353 for a complimentary 15 minute phone consult


Participants will receive my Anger Management ebook: Image

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