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Many of you know that I’ve just become a grandma to baby boy! All are doing well in London and I’m happy to share the joy and love.  I’ve been told (on Facebook) that I’ve just joined one of the best clubs in the world 🙂 – grandparents.  Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate!

Today is “National Smile Day” and it makes me smile simply to read that.  I know this fact since  “Contagious Optimism”  a book I’m a contributing author of has been launched today!


Contagious Optimism Book Signing with Eileen


Eileen will be book signing for Contagious Optimism! – She is a contributor with her chapter “Resilience”

When: Sunday, July 14th at 2pm

Location: Barnes and Noble Fresh Meadows
(Utopia Center 176-60 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, NY 113660) 

More Info at Balance & Power Media 

More Information Contagious Optimism 

Contagious Optimism Website

Buy it now at Amazon

My chapter is “Resilience” and it’s about bouncing back from my extreme feelings of being empty-nested circa 9/11 re London mom you’ve just read about who decided to live there after meeting her guy while in graduate school –  and her sister going to Madrid to study and work (she’s living happily in Amsterdam now with her man, teaching English and doing English-Spanish translations).   This story is also in my publication along with numerous strategies and success stories to help you achieve success & happiness in your life and career.


SOAR! with Resilience® the Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success”    Buy it on Amazon.com    


Also Available: SOAR! with Resilience® the Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success” 
[Kindle Edition]


***The main message on the subject of  “empty nestedness” is  that the most important single thing for a parent’s happiness is that her(his)  child is well and happy.  You may hear me expand on this on a recent radio show: “The Simple methods for Overcoming Separation Anxiety*** (and anxiety in general :))







 TA DA!!  


in Wantagh, Long Island this Tuesday 6/18.  Pre registration is required.  Details  

If you cannot attend and want to donate: 

United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund

Video skype sessions, webinars and on site trainings available 


My office is in Wantagh, Long Island and I also coach via video skype and phone. You may contact me for a complimentary twenty minute telephone consult!   








Keep Soaring!

Eileen Lichtenstein,
CEO Balance & Power, Inc.

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. Peak PerformanceSuccess Coach / Trainer and Professional Speaker, Stress Management, Anger Management, EFT, “SOAR! with Reslience Programs & Manual ♦ Wantagh, NY, USA 


Why Worry?Stop Self-Sabotage Now!Enhance Happiness Now!Self-Esteem, Anger & Shame
Overcome Workplace Stress with Mindfulness PracticesCommunicate Effectively for Fulfilling, Successful Relationships!
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