Release, Relax & Recharge Throughout Each Day for Optimal Happiness & Well Being!

Stress is cumulative.  Extreme frustration and stress left to fester  can easily lead to inappropriate outbursts of anger violent  or depressive episodes  on the other side of a continuum. When you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unappreciated, angry  it’s important to take time out to release, relax and recharge. When you are experiencing difficulty meeting multiple job responsibilities and target dates, juggling personal and business responsibilities and having relationship challenges it’s important to take time throughout each day to recharge.  The suggestions below will have positive effects on your happiness and wellbeing.

Here are some quick and easy suggestions to reduce stress right now:

Listen to Moving Meditation®  

Track #2: Rythmic Movement
Track #7: Guided Relaxation

Breathe Deeply – Take 3 cleansing breaths by inhaling deeply through the nose, belly rising. Sustain the inhalation, then exhale (through mouth, belly deflating), making the exhalation forceful and sustained, like a sigh. This temporarily changes your physiology and can be the beginning of a sustained relaxation.

Walk – A five-minute walk can begin to shift your mood; walking for a longer time has additional benefits!

Connect With Nature – A great stress reducer!

Listen to Music – It can definitely be a mood changer!

Take a ‘Mini-Vacation’ – Lie down or put your feet up and just be! (Listen to Track #7, above)

Say No – Don’t overextend yourself! 

Take a ‘Joybreak’ – Do something different that you enjoy such as reading a magazine, calling a friend, writing a thank-you note, stepping outdoors!

Stretch – Yoga or office yoga releases physical tension and clears the mind! (Listen to Track #2, above)


De-Clutter – Decrease ‘visual noise’!

Allow Time – Performance has variables and interruptions are inevitable!

Think Positive – Let go of self-sabotaging language and worry!

Smile and Laugh – Proven to ease anxiety and reduce stress!

Foster Forgiveness of Self and Others – Create inner peace by regularly practicing a loving-kindness meditation.

Practice Gratitude

 Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed., Peak Performance Success Coach is a Certified  Anger Management Specialist (CAMS), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner  and Author SOAR! with Resilience™ , eBooks and audio program.  Eileen facilitates interactive trainings for anger control/ stress management and to boost confidence, focus, critical thinking and creativity.  She works with individuals via video skype, telephone and in her Long Island, NY office.  Eileen offers a FREE 20 minute consult:    balanceandpower   516 623 4353




One thought on “Release, Relax & Recharge Throughout Each Day for Optimal Happiness & Well Being!

  1. These are terrific, practical and quickly implemented ideas and most I already use. All are useful. Also, I use the Pomodoro Technique – work for 25 minutes and take a break for about 5 minutes (sometimes for me it’s 7 minutes.) This is what I use for a stretch, a quick meditation and then all is right with the world again.

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