At Risk of Becoming a Bully

What are the warning signs, what characteristics of a child can we look for to be “at risk” of becoming a bully?  Sadly to observe, many adults exhibit these traits too.  The children can most likely be redirected and provided with effective coping mechanism and tools and take positive routes in the world of socialization.  Many adults are capable of learning new approaches as well; research has shown new neurological paths may be created and that it’s almost always “never too late”.  It’s been my experience that when I work with adults, that to change ingrained patterns of bullying or almost any behaviors, they must have a strong intention to change.  I’ve seen amazing positive results working with children, youth and adults as a certified  anger management specialist and empowerment-success expert when there is this intention.  Here are clues to watch out for, the warning signs of becoming a “bully”:

  • Appears to enjoy  being powerful and respected with fear
  • Equates being powerful and respected with fear
  • Is skilled at being sneaky
  • Blames others often
  • Shows little compassion
  • Defensive often
  • Defiant and oppositional
  • Huge attention seeking with negative behavior
  • Impulsivity
  • Lack of coping skills 

Learn how to manage anger and stress and help the “bullies” you know cope:

 Call for a complimentary 20 minute phone consult 516 623 4353 or  balanceandpower








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