Are You Ready…!

  • Are you ready for your life to be transformed?


  • Are you ready to reduce stress to optimal levels?


  • Can you imagine being happy most of the time?


  • Are you ready to make some personal shifts and see your career soar?


  • Learn how to get and stay inspired


  • Can you imagine being surrounded by positive people and creating optimal relationships.


  • Learn to recognize what isn’t working in your life and be given the tools to assist you in the awareness necessary for your transformation to leading a balanced life and  maximizing your potential



  • Learn how to break the ‘Conflict Cycle’ and how to ‘Access Your Best Communication Style’.

and lots more… Eileen Lichtenstein, President Balance and Power™ Inc., is a Peak Performance Success Life and Career Coach/SpeakerImage and the author of  SOAR! with Resilience® : The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success”

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