I’ve been hearing more about work-life integration v. balance- what are your thought?

Eileen Lichtenstein’s Blog

Achieving Work/Life Balance Is Definition Of Career Happiness For Most Working MothersA recent study shows many working moms are not satisfied with their career, and feel their work is more stressful than being a stay-at-home mom. This is in a large part due to a lack of work/life balance. According to the study, 56 percent of working mothers are not satisfied with their career, while 62 percent say “achieving work/life balance” is most important to achieving career happiness.

However, work/life balance is difficult to attain for many working moms. Studies find the majority of respondents (70 percent) don’t have a flexible arrangement worked out with their boss, and nearly four of ten surveyed say motherhood takes a back seat to work responsibilities. Besides pay and advancement, flexible work schedules and flexible arrangements are two of the more influential factors in achieving career happiness for working mothers.

Working moms are an important segment of today’s workforce, providing organizations the skilled and knowledgeable…

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