Last Chance to Get These Fr*ee EFT Videos from World Tapping Summit 2013 Begins 2/4

I’m passionate about EFT because it ALWAYS WORKS FOR EVERYONE!!
see client testimonials and the link to the event described below here:

To register for this event that begins 2/4
just go here:

There is a phenomenal upgrade
option for the 2013 Tapping World Summit,
where you can own the recordings for the
event in MP3 or CD format and also get the
over 200 page workbook, the transcripts
for the presentations and a number of
powerful bonuses…

And this year, since there was such amazing
feedback on the pre-event video series which
featured Louise Hay, Dr. Mark Hyman, and
Nick Ortner…

The producers of the event decided to make
the three pre-event videos, along with
the remaining 10 videos in the Tapping World
Summit Video Series, available as a special
pre-event bonus for all those who upgrade
before the event starts on February 4th.

So this is a last chance reminder that if you
want to own the entire 14 videos in the series,
which include over 8 hours of streaming or
downloadable video with experts Nick Ortner,
Louise Hay, Dr. Mark Hyman, Kris Carr, Jack
Canfield, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton, Cheryl
Richardson, Joe Vitale, Dr. Joseph Mercola,
Carol Look, Patricia Carrington, Carol Tuttle
and Dawson Church, you need to make sure
to take action right away.

The best part of this is that
since there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee
there is zero risk involved in upgrading today.

And if you do decide to ask for a refund (unlikely
that you’ll want to once you listen to the
information) then you’ll still get to keep the amazing
video and audio bonuses.

To get more details on the event, the upgrade
bonuses and the limited time pre-event video
bonuses, just click on the link below:

(You’ll need to register first for the online live
event, if you haven’t already, to see the video
bonuses and the upgrade option)

I hope you decide to take advantage of the
limited time video bonuses and upgrade before
the event starts.

The Tapping World Summit upgrade options
alone are ridiculous values (the platinum upgrade
comes with 23 CD’s, a 200 page workbook,
transcripts, and 10 audio bonuses) and when you
add on these great video bonuses, upgrading
becomes a no brainer…

EFT is a one-of-a-kind technique that creates
life-altering results for those who use it…
Enjoy the event. I look forward to seeing you there! 🙂
Eileen Lichtenstein

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